We help student leaders turn increased self-awareness into effective self-leadership.

70% of Christian parents identify “determine career path” as the goal for their child’s college experience.

– The Barna Group


We believe self-awareness is the gateway to self-leadership… and self-leadership is a critical factor in career readiness.

The Identity Profile Self-Awareness Tool (IPSAT) is uniquely designed to leverage increased self-awareness for effective self-leadership.
Our Solution
The Identity Profile Self-Awareness Tool (IPSAT)

The IPSAT is an assessment-based, coaching-supported process. Powered by nexleader, this proven resource is designed to help students discover their identity, cultivate self-leadership, reach toward their potential, and pursue God-inspired dreams.

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This experience has given me greater confidence in who I have been created to be as a leader.

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McCaila Cosgrove

This experience has helped me grow my self-awareness in ways that will enable me to be more effective as I influence others.

myipsat testimonial 2

Adam Buyer

The IPSAT has given me a lot of clarity and helped me understand how to use my strengths and gifts in a really specific way.

myipsat testimonial
Zach Ward

Our Partners

We’ve worked with over 15 colleges and institutions in our first year to build career ready students:

Ralph Enlow

President of ABHE

I was blessed as a young leader to have people who invested in affirming my calling, unwrapping my gifts, and shaping my development. But I never encountered anything like nexleader—a world-class, Bible-saturated, self-discovery and development journey for emerging leaders passionate about life and leadership on mission with God. I offer my heartiest endorsement of nexleader and of Steve Moore.

Help the Next Generation of Student Leaders
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